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Key Technologies

Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps

Extended description


Stuart Crawford-Browne is a director at Phoenix MRC, an insight and CX consultancy. He is an international researcher and marketing professional, with expertise in brand and customer experience management, innovation, and business strategy. Previous to Phoenix MRC, Stuart was a divisional director at GfK and a Director at J.D. Power with a focus on financial services, telecom, energy, automotive and hospitality sectors. Stuart holds an MBA in Strategic Marketing from Hull University Business School and a B.Soc.Sci in Occupational Psychology from the University of Cape Town.


Advice, Business model design, Business plans, Change, Customer experience, Customer journey, Digital, Disruption, FinTech, Future of Work, Insurance, InsurTech, Programme management, Smart cities, Startup, Transformation, User experience, Value propositions

Key Competency

Trying to become the next Amazon? How strong are your senior leaders on encouraging key behaviours that can deliver a culture of customer obssession and market agility?

Phoenix MRC offer customer culture benchmarking and performance improvement with the MarketCulture Market Responsiveness Index (MRI), including performance comparisons against a database of evaluations done with over 300 customer focused organisations.