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I’ve 30+ years in customer service as CEO, consultant, keynote speaker and chair. I cover strategy, culture, competencies, contact mix, technologies, journeys, metrics and analytics. Either nudging legacy brands to accelerate their evolution or broadening the mindset of digital only brands. I’ve planning frameworks for omni-channel engagement, mobile engagement, customer hubs (post silo working), customer service simplification and service innovation amongst others. I operate at the intersect between customer service, customer engagement, customer experience and digital transformation. Just depends on the start point, organisational appetite, competency and sponsor.


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According to my Linkedin endorsements I’m seen as competent in strategy, leadership, customer experience, change management, social media, training, business transformation, digital strategy. Full list here

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In terms of service preferences around the topic of customer engagement I catalyse new thinking, co-create strategy, mentor experimentation, prioritise change, challenge mindsets, device new operating models.

I have multiple versions of ‘what’s next’ in customer engagement – from 20 mins exec briefings to 3 day masterclasses after which I’m able to change gears from initial envisioning right the way through to scaled deployment of new behaviours and competencies. I prefer interesting assignments with interesting people. For me that means evolutionary leaps instead of incremental half steps.

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