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Innovation Catalyst

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My primary activity is “Innovation Stimulation” through public speaking, keynotes, board / team briefings and workshops.

Having spent over 30 years leading innovation initiatives across a wide variety of industries, I have devised my own metaphor to articulate the “Innovation Ecosystem” in order to move thinking in an organisation from “innovation is something done over there” to “this is how we become more innovative in everything we do”.

This isn’t a “framework” to apply out of the box. It’s a way of thinking intended to accelerate a culture change in a department, division or across an entire organisation.


Advice, Banking, Business plans, Customer experience, Digital, Disruption, Financial platforms, FinTech, Future of Work, InsurTech, Smart cities, Vision

Key Competency

Innovation – including:-

horizon scanning – establishing competency and process to track and identify trends
corporate innovation labs – establishing, best practise (and war stories),
ideation and idea management process and tools,
innovation stimulation,
storytelling and scenario planning,
applied futuring – skills transfer – “think like a futurist”

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Consultant, Facilitator, Influencer, Mentor, Provocator, Researcher, Speaker

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My primary services are centered around innovation stimulation via keynote speaking, board and team briefings.

Further to this, I run ideation workshops using the art of storytelling to surface ideas and scenarios for product and process improvements.

I offer consultancy services in connection with establishing and improving innovation process from ideation through to POC execution.

I am always open to discussions regarding EIR and advisory positions on a retainer basis.

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Advisory, Strategy, Vision