The new way of working

Specialists joining forces to crack big challenges

PathFinder4 is an exclusive invitation-only innovation ecosystem for people who want to drive rapid business or social change and competitive advantage.

Our members are hand-picked experts in their respective fields.

It is our mission to provide the very highest quality of impartial connections, information and personal learning through interacting with the best and most creative achievers in technical and business leadership.

Why you have to Join Right Now?

Become part of a community that drives real change.

  • Connections

    Connecting with people who will challenge you and your thinking. Grow from the connections you make.

  • New events every week

    The Ecosystem meets in London every week at least. We also have monthly meet-ups and focused meetings as needed.

  • Get things done FAST

    We facilitate the interactions to make sure that you have the skills you need as you need them.

  • Discover amazing people

    The ecosystem Members are hand-picked because they understand what it is to innovate at speed. They can help you with your current project be they individuals or a group working on a project together.

  • Based in London but members worldwide

    Our membership is global. We have online and video conference meetings and most of our members work globally. If you are in London come and meet us on a Wednesday.

  • We are a growing community

    Innovation is constantly changing and so is technology. If you are a specialist in a niche or you need the help of a specialist; get in touch.

The advantages of the PathFinder4 innovation ecosystem

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